Commercial Solutions

From sales enablement to customer experience, oxydence’s qSuite™ platform helps commercial teams extract value from large, complex data sets. Combining data orchestration with cutting-edge data science, commercial teams can drive revenue, lower costs, and improve productivity.


Increase Sales with Product Recommendations

Every company wants to sell more to its existing customers with recommendation engines. But a complex industry like medical devices presents unique challenges to most off-the-shelf technology solutions due to the need to integrate many kinds of data sources—from design drawings to Medicare data. For one global medical devices manufacturer, the oxydence team used qFind to digitize thousands of SKUs from mixed quality sources, then created a custom product recommendation engine. 

With a new easy-to-search portal that can access previously hidden files, images, and data, this medical device manufacurer improved sales within one quarter. Sales and support teams are now equipped to suggest new products and prioritize sales opportunities for new customers based on prior successes. They can also easily identify substitutes during stock-outs, and instantly answer complex customer inquiries, including those requiring competitor product data.


Territory Management Alignment and Optimization

Managing and optimizing sales territories is challenging for large companies with multiple salesforces and channel partners. In many cases, alignment overlaps and sales commissions may be paid multiple times for the same sale.

Using emerging graphical data modeling techniques built into qSuite™, oxydence helps sales leadership gain more control over territory design and streamlines analysis for sales optimization.