Find and Mine Data From Images

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If you're a manufacturer or creative agency, some of the most important data in your company isn't in a spreadsheet or a database. For manufacturing, business critical information is often barricaded inside design files, specifications, and illustrations. Or your supply chain may have thousands of contracts and product information guides that were scanned and uploaded around the time that cell phones were invented. Are they still accurate? Who knows? A global creative agency might have untold numbers of brand specifications and packaging designs for use in multiple countries—and you need to ensure consistency in all of them. 

qArt empowers your company to extract data from inside artwork files—Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop EPS files, JPGs, and PNGs—including notoriously difficult scanned contracts. Instead of a manual process that can take months to do and is difficult to create (let alone maintain), qArt seeks out that data accurately and quickly, then organizes it into a structured format that looks like the rest of your data. qArt makes this newly structured data available for automatic or manual export into applications or analysis tools that your teams can use to create business value, over and over again.



  • Quickly extracts data from art files previously inaccessible, such as design files, JPGs, and PNGs—up to thousands of artworks in days.
  • Reduces manual conversion labor and eliminates costly human errors in image conversion projects
  • Automates data conversion when moving from one labeling system to another
  • Converts data for export into applications, such as Tableau or Artwork Management Systems


  • Artwork Management Companies: Packaging and Artwork inventories, management, and sales. 
  • Life Sciences; Food/Beverage: Regulated labeling and artwork; for example, extracting the logo and "do not reuse" symbol from over 40,000 artwork files in days. 
  • Brand Management and/or Compliance: Verify/validate correct image is in use on packaging for both marketing and compliance risk management.
  • Creative Agencies: Create an inventory of all images being used across all artwork; save agency overhead costs by rapidly identifying duplicate or obsolete artwork that can be eliminated