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Find The Needle In Your Haystack

Chances are your organization has thousands, if not millions, of documents that your employees need to use to serve your customers, operate your factories, or analyze your business processes and opportunities. If you're like most companies, the data you use most is locked in unstructured files including PDFs, Excel, and Word files, making it difficult to find and analyze.

qFind can bring structured data such as Oracle and Sybase together with that unstructured data to liberate information and reduce manual search efforts by 90%—helping everyone in your company get their job done, faster than ever. Meanwhile, your IT team won't be locked in a manual, error-prone, slow data transformation. Proprietary machine learning algorithms can even detect new, deleted, and changed documents, and reflect those changes in a customizable, friendly user interface.



  • Allows searching of both unstructured sources (like PDFs, Excel, and Word) and structured data sources (like Oracle, sqlServer, Sybase, etc.)
  • Can detect changes to documents or new/deleted documents and reflect the changes in the search results
  • Shows results in a useful, user-friendly manner based on business need
  • Works with any industry—all industries use unstructured documents and PDFs 


  • Business Analysts: find and use business data instantly, driving faster decisions and faster business results.
  • Legal and HR Teams: organize contract and agreement data for fast search, analysis, and management.
  • Compliance: understand changing requirements and monitor compliance teams and data without manual transformation. 
  • Customer Service: Access hidden data from design documents and competitor websites to better advise and upsell customers.
  • Research, Development & Product Engineering: 
    find R&D studies, design docs, and engineering specs instantly across the enterprise, partners, and 3rd party data sources.