Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics

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Once you've found and organized data from all your structured and unstructured sources, it's time to solve business problems. Large scale data sets need quality diagnostic and predictive tools to elicit the most accurate analyses. Sometimes it's not clear which mathematical model is the best choice to solve for the problem, and running sequential analyses is time consuming.  

With qSci, teams can test many different models quickly and get to a decision in a fraction of the time, all within oxydence's friendly user interface. The oxydence team can also customize the analytics inside qSci to meet your company's unique requirements. 



  • Deep Learning Neural Networks
  • Predictive Models
  • Clustering 
  • Segmentation
  • Natural Language Processing


  • Supply Chain Management: root cause analysis of component waste, prediction of optimal inventory levels to avoid stock-outs. 
  • Sales Enablement: identify which prospects to prioritize and what products to upsell based on past performance
  • Customer Satisfaction: using equipment log files, identify the people using your product who may need additional training or support to maximize their investment.
  • Manufacturing: by tracking failure codes at equipment level, budget for predictive maintenance or replacement

Need help running complex mathematical diagnoses and predictions?

The oxydence team has decades of experience with solving problems in large data sets for highly-regulated industries and can assist you with setup and configuration, as well as data analysis and forecasting. Contact us for more information.