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Consolidate Data From Many Sources

When you're faced with data living in multiple sources, you may find that your data is often in conflict. Perhaps one source is preferred, or one source formatted the way you want. qSync by oxydence helps you wrangle all these potentially conflicting sources—from unstructured data to point-of-sale to competitor website data—into one source of truth. In less than 80% of the time it would take to merge these sources manually, qSync can not only merge the data, but also automatically keep the database as fresh and accurate today as it was the day you started the transformation. 

After combining these sources into one central repository, your team can now analyze, report on, or utilize the information in a friendly user interface that both experts and novices will appreciate, in turn empowering sales, marketing, supply chain or business analytics teams. And like all qSuite components, qSync can be used in any industry and with nearly any data set. 



  • Fast: extract and merge thousands of documents in days, eliminating duplicate records.
  • Accurate: eliminates errors that typically occur in manual transformations due to human error. Ongoing processes ensure fresh data is always accounted for. 
  • Value-added: uses machine learning and natural language processing to learn from inputs and set preferences for future efforts.
  • Repeatable: consolidates data on an ongoing basis, automating specific transformations by source, as well as syndicating the data for export to other applications.
  • Flexible: mixes extracted data from other sources both structured and unstructured, and can be configured to run analytics, also on an ongoing basis.


  • Legal: organize all contract terms across the company to understand standards and deviations from preferred practice.
  • Business Analytics: fresher and consolidated data from all sources means better analysis and problem solving
  • Research and Development: extract market registration for a drug through published FDA documents. 
  • Supply Chain: extract and merge suppliers, services, prices, and dates from PDFs or scanned agreements for better visibility into manufacturing costs.