End-To-End Data Solutions



Did we mention we like to work fast? We’ll start with a proof of concept on a specific business problem, often getting you to insight within weeks. Here's how a typical installation works:

Find: Using one or all components of our proprietary business orchestration platform qSuite, oxydence can locate and extract data from one or many sources—even from unstructured data such as images, art files, PDFs, and external websites.

Organize: Unstructured data is wrangled to be accessible in a friendly user interface, whether it's merging and standardizing, or just being indexed for search or other applications.

Analyze: Working with large volumes of data (typically 2-3 years of transactions), oxydence can help you make sense of data challenges requiring advanced mathematical and statistical modeling, including machine learning for future opportunities.

Profit: Most oxydence customers are able to see results for a proof of concept within one quarter, leading to further improvements as knowledge is shared and applied in the rest of the organization



oxydence works with some of the largest and most regulated companies and industries in the world. We solve the toughest data problems at scale with a solution that is proven in such diverse markets as Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Manufacturing.


Whether it's helping a pharmaceutical client comply with digitize paper batch records, helping customer service reps better serve clients, de-mystifying the causes of product discards, or better managing equipment log files, here are just a few of the ways oxydence customers are profiting from qSuite today:


If you aren't sure where to begin, we can help. oxydence's experienced team of data scientists and business analysts will quickly uncover and prioritize your needs, then create a strategy to get you insight, fast.


Sometimes you just want help crunching the data. We can do that, too. Decades of experience in analyzing very large data sets makes us fast, thorough, and practical in our analyses and recommendations.