Supply Chain Optimization Solutions

oxydence’s qSuite™ platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to convert—and model—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data into meaningful business intelligence for optimization, cost savings and enhanced customer experiences. In fact, oxydence is recognized as a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence Across the Supply Chain.

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Continued Process Verification (qSync™)

qSync™ is an AI and machine learning software that digitizes end-to-end paper batch records for Continued Process Verification (CPV) without changing your existing qualified process... and without making expensive and risky system changes.

oxydence combines handwriting recognition; AI text analytics; a flexible, repeatable query engine; and a deep understanding of CPV and associated processes and technology to digitize your process and allow your team to focus on value-added analytics, not data wrangling.


Protect Profits from Commodity Fluctuations (qSync™)

oxydence’s qSync™ predicts the impact of price fluctuations, supplier changes, distribution rerouting and more – using multiple advanced predictive models. Through data visualization, supply chain professionals optimize production based on disparate input costs across their global portfolios and reduce risk by enhancing views of international supply chain costs.


Clinical Supply Optimization (qSync™)

oxydence’s qSync™ solution helps clinical study supply professionals manage Investigational Product (IP) kit supply and logistics across multiple studies with numerous CRO’s, even when interactive response technology (IRT) systems or other data sources (like Excel, pdf) are not integrated.  With qSync™, study supply professionals can ensure that patients are provided the right dosage and strength at the right time.

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Reduce Inventory and Distribution Costs

In manufacturing, making trade-offs between availability and carrying costs are a part of life. As global supply chains become increasingly fragmented due to the use of both in-house and outsourced distribution, making these trade-offs is getting harder. Ongoing stock-outs were a problem for one oxydence client, with no apparent cause. Within 8 weeks, oxydence's team, using qSync, identified and solved the stock-out problem: an inconsistent set of data standards was obscuring true inventory levels.

By creating a global inventory view, and consolidating data from the entire supply chain, the client’s procurement team was able to hunt down global variances by plant, commodity, or supplier, reducing inventories by 10% and dramatically reducing product stock-outs. 


Discard Reduction (qSci™)

oxydence’s qSci™ helped a global Pharma manufacturer improve its P&L by over $30MM per year by reducing the incidence of products requiring discard near their expiry date. Across a global supply chain with complex transactional buy/sell relationships among regions, API and fill/finish plants, oxydence used machine learning and industrial-scale mathematical modeling to identify, quantify, and remediate key factors driving the discards. qSci™ excels in aggregating and virtualizing millions of data points and transaction lines from ERP, MES, LIMS and other systems to pinpoint—at the product level—the hidden variables driving waste and discard. Transparent, intuitive data visualizations make it easy for finance and operations leaders to understand and fix the root causes.